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Na-ion batteries

The sodium ion battery products are mainly developed based on O3 phase multi-composite layered cathode material and soft carbon anode material chemistry. The raw material resources are abundant, widely distributed, low-cost, and environmentally friendly. The products have unique advantages of high energy conversion efficiency, long cycle life, good stability, low maintenance costs and safety. They have potential application in large-scale energy storage systems, mobile charging piles and low-speed electric vehicles etc. At present, NaCP08/80/138 and other different specifications of sodium ion soft pack batteries, as well as cylindrical NaCR26650、NaCR32138 Na-ion batteries have been successfully developed. The comprehensive performance is at the international advanced and domestic leading level.


  1. 1) Working voltage: 3.2 V

  2. 2) Working temperature: −40℃ ~ 80℃

  3. 3) Cycle life ≥ 4500 cycles @ 83% (2C/2C)

  4. 4) Gravimetric specific energy density ≥ 145Wh/kg

  5. 5) Rate performance: capacity at 5C ≥ 90% of 1C rate capacity

  6. 6) Storage performance: 100% SOC at room temperature for 28 days, capacity retention ≥ 94%, capacity recovery ≥ 99%

  7. 7) Safety performance: meet the national standard GB/T31845-2015